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A Zombie Football Game

  • A Zombie Football Game

    You must have always wanted to play football, wearing VR goggles that depict the terrain you are playing on from a bird’s eye view. Here’s the chance!

    If you stroll through Belgrade Fair halls 7th or 8th December and see 6 people on the football field, wearing VR glasses trying to locate the ball like a bunch of zombies from the “Walking Dead”, you will know that you are watching Zombie Football.

    Games.CON and FOX channel presents you a brand new world craze. Sign up a 3-player team, +1 Reserve just in case and try to become the champion of Zombie Football’s first ever tournament. If you still do not understand what we are talking about, look how the Norwegian Premier League football players from Sandefjord and Mjondalen managed in this version of football.

    So let’s summarize. Sign up 3 + 1 team, the duration of the match is 2×10 minutes with a half-time break of 5 minutes for the “zombie refreshment”, the tournament begins on Saturday and the finals are on Sunday and all matches, including the champions ceremony will be commented by our expert dynamic duo. There will also be a cosplayer match on Saturday – The Living Dead Team vs. Dead United. How we’re gonna distinguish zombies from artificial grass I have no idea.

    Sign up the team via this LINK or at Games.CON on Friday December 6th. You don’t need any jerseys, no sports equipment, just good will and a bit of space orientation.

    See you at the Belgrade Fair and let’s find out who will be Lionel Zombie and who Zombiano Ronaldo! See what I did there… Zombiano, Christiano… Oh, it’s better to be a zombie.