Datum: TBA Belgrade Hall Fair: 1 | 1a | 2



    Loads of games, puzzles, quests and free tickets for Games.CON on virtual booth (VB) GAMES.CON QUEST.

    MatchAbout (www.matchabout.com) is an app for networking and online participation in events without any restrictions. When you solve or do something or paint and send to that VB you win gold coins, which you can then use to “buy” something in the MATCHABOUT SHOP.

    The main prize is the COMMANDER GAMING CHAIR, so into the hunt for the coins our gamers.

    TREASURE HUNT awaits you on MatchAbout on Saturday. You will receive encrypted tasks and locations on paper. Each completed task brings you a QR code with a picture of the location where the Games.CON treasure is located. And that is the real treasure…

    In addition, MatchAbout brings you tournament live feeds and events information, alerts and reminders, as well as the ability to ask guests at panel conferences.

    We are still giving away tickets for Games.CON and therefore get your mobile into the hands and download MatchAbout! There you can find everything you need for the complete Games.CON experience.

    Download MatchAbout for Android or iOS!