Welcome to the market square on Games.con 2018.


One of the festival segments from last year that has surpassed our expectations was Market Square, which has given many exhibitors an opportunity to show and sell their craftsmanship to thousands of visitors.


Market Square is moving from Hall 3A to Hall 1A, a bigger, better exhibition hall.


If you want to show off what you have been making for the past year (or more), here’s what we are looking for:

-Artisans with quality workmanship

-Hand-made thingamabobs

-Artisans that make jewelry, figurine, toys, clothes

-Enthusiasts who do all of the above

-Enthusiasts that want to share their knowledge with our visitors

-People that want to do arty workshops  

-Painters, drawers, writers, musicians


What you will get on the festival:

-50 000 people to show and sell your crafts to

-electricity socket

-a table (1m), 2 chairs, and 2-4 square meters of exhibition space for 3 days for 20 euros.

(registration fee is calculated by the number of tables)

-Take 3 tables, get 4th one for free!!!



  • Exhibitors from Belgrade area – the payment must be made until 26.11.2018.
  • Exhibitors from the rest of the region – payment is made at the setup time at the convention.
  • Exhibitors must set up their stands until 22.00h on the 29.11.2018.

(Security guards the venue during the nighttime)




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