The finals of the first “trilogy” of the Belgrade festival of games and pop culture Games.con are nearing. In its third edition, from November 30th to December 2nd, we have settled in the biggest halls of the Belgrade Fair, Hall 1 and Hall 2, over 25,000 square meters! With that in mind, Games.con has officially become the largest convention of this type in the Balkans. Under the slogan “levelovati se mora” ¬†we have managed to bring together the entire industry of modern entertainment in one place and thirty thousand fans.


As a games festival, Games.con is the epicenter at the very top of the gaming industry, the latest and most modern technologies, as well as the largest and biggest electronic sports tournaments. First of all, Games.con is the largest gathering place for fans of all kinds of games – from virtual reality, through PC and console gaming, to traditional board games.


As a pop culture festival, Games.con is a summit of so-called “fandoms” – a place where fans meet with the most popular film and television franchises, the best comics, and domestic distributors and television networks that place them on the market.


In its first edition, Games.con has brought together 20, and in the second year over 30,000 visitors. This year, we expect this number to double.

In addition to entertaining content, Games.con will also bring together the top IT industry, gaming industry, local, regional and foreign developer teams, and will provide them a “window into the world” within the Horizon Games conference.

At Games.con, you will also be able to find numerous educational content for children and people of all ages.

This year, in our marketing campaign “As if It’s Normal“, we will say that one little, enthusiastic gamer is hiding in all of you and that hundreds of virtual worlds will once again “collide” with the real world. All fans of good, real entertainment will feel at home on the third birthday of the festival of games and pop culture, and the gates of our Games.cons will open on Friday, November 30th at 10 am in the morning!