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GAMES.CON 05 (or 2020.GAMES. (Dr) CON, if you prefer), is the online edition of the largest regional festival of games and pop culture! We invite all the fans of games, on all known and unknown platforms, film lovers, series lovers, comic book lovers, admirers of new technologies and everything that the modern entertainment industry implies – to be with us online on November 28th and 29th, non-stop, on the following channels:

Games.con YouTube: Click here
IGN Adria YouTube: Click here
Balkan Top Star YouTube: Click here
Games.CON 2020 Online Discord server: – Click here
IGN Twitch (tournament channel) – Click here

During the two days of uninterrupted program, you and we can expect a cross-section of this unfortunate 2020., both in the world of gaming and in pop culture, which has really, really tried to exist in spite of everything. We will play and cast numerous tournaments in games we all love, from classics to the latest. In our studio we will host, to put it mildly, interesting faces – influencers, freaks, geeks and other heads that no one with a national frequency would in their right mind, let into the studio!

As soon as all these nice people confirm the schedule of their visit, we will have a preliminary program that will be announced in due course! Besides them, prize games, pub quizzes, giveaway actions and a lot, a lot of fun await you, which makes it quite logical to take the time to sit at the computer. At least we have time now.

See you at Discord, Tube, Twitch, wherever they let us – we will be.

Your Games.con, in an unfortunate turn of events, Online.

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