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4th Games.CON broke all records!

  • 4th Games.CON broke all records!

    Over 40,000 visitors to the Belgrade Fair has levelled to the maximum this year.

    3 halls, over 40,000 visitors, hundreds of booths, dozens and dozens of tournaments and one goal. Maximum level. That’s the result of this year’s Games.CON.

    So what’s next? When we sleep a little and rest for a while we will start preparing for the jubilee. 5th Games.CON next year. What we can promise you is that we will work even harder and better, and we will correct whatever we have failed and what you may have resented to us by the next meeting.

    Dear gamers and all of you who feel that way, we wish you a happy 2020 and that together next year we will raise the gaming ladder to a higher level.